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'The future is a Worten away'

Based on the technological changes we have seen over the last few decades, Worten's latest campaign is based on an advertising film with sophisticated 3-D post production to bolster its position as a brand that is going to keep bringing its customers the future of technology in the area of consumer electronics and household appliances.

Inês Drummond Borges, the Worten marketing director said, "we want the customers to get a clear idea that innovation in electronic products and household appliances, whatever it might be now or in the future, is going to be very close to us, because it will be available in more than 180 Worten stores throughout the country.”  

The film was produced by Krypton and written by FUEL. The new film will use the slogan 'The future is a Worten away' as a common thread for the next Worten campaigns to help communicate their different value proposal over the year, bolstering the message that it is the brand that brings the future of technology to everyone in Portugal. 

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