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Sonae wins European Shared Human Resources Services Prize

Sonae won the Shared Services & Outsourcing Excellence Awards Europe 2017, in the Excellence in Transformation category, one of the main European prizes in the shared services area. The implementation of the new team management process in the Sonae retail businesses stood out because of the relevance of the project, the team work in its development, the implementation and the results that were obtained. 

The project described the transformation of the workforce management in the different retail brands that enabled the stores that implemented it to increase productivity through more efficient team management. Apart from that, the new process contributed towards halving the time spent on tasks such as defining shifts and working times, saving the managers time which they could then dedicate to other team management and customer service activities. 
Apart from winning the ‘Excellence in Transformation’ category, Sonae was also one of the six runners-up in the ‘Best Process Innovation’ category with its quality management system in the shared human resource services area.  

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