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Sonae welcomes more than 50 ‘Game Changers’

Sonae companies welcomed more than 50 talented youths for another edition of the Contact Programme, that attracted real ‘Game Changers’ this year: young people who question how things are done and who build and use a learning network to change their path and the paths of those around them in a positive, constructive way. 

The 50 youths chosen this year out of the 1,500 graduate and masters finalists from 51 nationalities are mainly from the business administration, information systems and engineering areas. The youths are going to join the businesses between September and November and then spend nine months working directly with the leaders of the different businesses and collaborate on a strategic mission for Sonae, Sonae Indústria or Sonae Capital. 

The 'Contact' Programme was first set up in 1986 to attract and develop young talent for the Sonae companies and it has already captured the interest of more than 40,000 degree and master's degree finalists. About 4,500 youths from different areas of knowledge and nationalities have gone through Contact Day, several hundred of whom have joined Sonae companies. 

The Contact Programme is a pioneering initiative in Portugal to capture high-potential youths and it has contributed towards strengthening the teams with young talent, fostering knowledge and innovation and providing the participants with a unique chance for their personal and professional development. 

Various institutions recognise Sonae as the best leaders' school in Portugal and recently the AMBA said it was the best school in the world for young MBA finalists

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