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See what's new in the Sonae Sports & Fashion area from the presentation of the Sport Zone mission and values to Berg's new Spring/Summer 18 collection and the MO partnership with Well's and Solinca.

MO partnerships

MO has established partnerships with Solinca clubs and Well's stores to take advantage of the synergies between Sonae group brands. 

Celebrating the arrival of the good weather, the Solinca club offered experimental swimming classes for children aged 4 to 15 to all customers who bought children's items at MO stores in April. Many customers couldn't wait to try out this special offer. In June, it was MO's turn to offer all Solinca members an exclusive 25% discount on the Continente loyalty card on purchases of bathing items for all the family. This is a great gift to start packing the bags for the holidays.

Also in June, anyone who bought sun cream from Well's got a coupon offering 25% off all bathing items at MO stores. 

These are two good examples of cross-selling campaigns that are relevant for the customers at each brand adding value to each of their proposals.

Sport Zone inspires active, healthy, happy lives 

The Sport Zone staff were officially presented with the team’s Mission and Values back in May:

The team was involved in this process from the outset and it began by holding a meeting in late 2016 at a post-it session for a first survey of the values they identified with. In May, there was a different kind of afternoon at Serralves, that began with the presentation of the Mission and values and ended with a team building event, then the team was invited to show the values, using shoe laces, basket balls, badminton rackets and other materials to show the teams' artistic skills and the huge general effort. 

The next day, the Mission, the Values and the five panels they had created were put on display at the Maia offices where Sport Zone's real DNA can now be felt.

Berg presents its Spring/Summer 18 collection  

The Berg showroom in Maia staged the Berg Outdoor Sales Meeting, that brought together about 20 guests from 10 countries to see the new Spring/Summer 18 collection. 

Investing heavily in innovation while conciliating quality, design, technique and price, the new Spring/Summer 18 collection, which will be available from February 2018, presents versatile, comfortable items designed for active people who enjoy a healthy life style. 

See the video of the main moments here. 

Berg participated in Germany's OutDoor 2017 event between 18 and 21 June that brings together the best outdoor sports item producers every year. 

As part of its international expansion strategy, Berg, which now provides its items in about 20 countries, had a 125 m2 stand and a specialised team to show off the new Spring/Summer 2018 collection. While at the fair, Berg also participated in the ‘RUNNER'S WORLD Run & Trail Summit’ where it presented the 'Pantera' trail running shoe. 

Berg's Bombay BRL and Bilby footwear models were also finalists in the Outdoor Industry Awards 2017. 

Salsa celebrates the 10th anniversary of the Push Up Wonder jeans

10 years ago, Salsa was the world's denim pioneer by launching the innovative Push Up Wonder jeans, originally a low waist model that combined the push up effect with sensuality and comfort. 

In order to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Push Up Wonder jeans, the Portuguese brand has launched a special campaign featuring Sara Carbonero, putting the high-waisted model in the stores to create an infinity of looks, from the urbanest to the most sophisticated adapting to a woman's body like a second skin. 

Sara Carbonero is Salsa's 2017 ambassador, bolstering the image of the brand in Portugal and particularly in Spain helping to bolster the expansion plan scheduled for this year. 

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